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What is The Cookie Box?

The Cookie Box is an innovative service tailored to home service companies, providing a customer appreciation gesture upon job completion. Delivered via FedEx Express, your customers will receive 4 gourmet cookies and a Thank You card from you with a QR code directly to your review page. This thoughtful token not only thanks customers for their business but also strategically enhances your company's reviews and referral rates, serving as a tasty marketing tool.

Make Your Last Impression the Best Impression with The Cookie Box!

Benefits of The Cookie Box

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Happy customers come from amazing experiences. Create an amazing customer experience with a surprise thank you gift. 

5 Star Reviews Icon.png

5-Star Reviews

Receiving an unexpected gift from their service company leads to customers leaving more 5-star reviews.  

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More Referrals

Customers who are not only satisfied, but happy with their project are more likely to tell their friends and colleagues. 

Talk of the Town Icon.png

Talk of the Town

Happy customers, 5-star reviews, and extra referrals will make your service company the talk of town, which is FREE Marketing!

Our Program

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Account Set Up

We get your account set up with the artwork for your logo and the QR code that will lead to your review page. We'll also complete an onboarding call to help with set up and to answer any questions.

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CRM Set Up

During your onboarding call we'll get your CRM connected with our system so that the jobs you complete are sent to us for your Cookie Boxes!

Grand Gourmet Icon.png

Delectable Rewards!

Once we start receiving your completed jobs we'll start delighting your customers with your delicious thank you. The boxes will be sent directly to your customer with your thank you card and QR code inside.

All Cookie Boxes Come With 4-3 oz Cookies. One Chocolate Chip, One Cinnamon Swirl, One Oatmeal Raisin, and One Sugar Cookie.
The Cookie Box cookies do not contain tree nuts, dairy, or eggs.

Each Cookie Box comes with a special thank you card with your logo and a QR code leading directly to your review page. Your customer will be so pleased with their gift, they'll leave you that 5-star review immediately. 

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