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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about how The Cookie Box can sweeten your customer experience? Whether you're pondering cookie varieties, delivery specifics, or subscription details,

our comprehensive FAQ section is here to shed light on all your inquiries, ensuring your journey with us is as delightful as our cookies.

  • How much is The Cookie Box subscription?
    The Cookie Box subscription costs $25 per box. Unlike typical subscriptions, we ensure you only pay for what you use. We connect directly to your CRM and receive a weekly report of your jobs. Boxes are only shipped for the jobs listed in that report, meaning you are billed solely for the boxes dispatched. This system prevents unnecessary expenses and ensures you're not paying for unused services. Each box you receive is charged at $25, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business. The report is run each Saturday night and boxes are shipped out the falling Tuesday.
  • What types of cookies are included in The Cookie Box Subscription?
    The Cookie Box subscription offers a delightful variety of cookies to satisfy every sweet tooth. Each box includes one sugar cookie, one chocolate chip cookie, one oatmeal raisin cookie, and one snickerdoodle cookie. We take pride in catering to different dietary needs by ensuring all our cookies are dairy-free and made without nuts. *Please note:* While our cookies are dairy-free and nut-free, they are produced in a facility that may handle milk and nut ingredients, which may not be suitable for those with severe allergies.
  • How can I customize the thank you card that goes in the box?
    To customize the thank you card included in your Cookie Box subscription, simply follow these steps: 1. Set Up Your Subscription: After you set up your subscription, you'll be directed to a page where you can access our onboarding schedule. 2. Schedule Your Onboarding Call: Through the onboarding schedule, you will book your onboarding call. During this setup process, you will also see all available thank you card designs. 3. Select Your Card: Make a note of the thank you card design you prefer and inform your onboarding specialist about your choice during the onboarding call. 4. Provide Your Details: Ensure you have a high-resolution logo and the URL you want to link to for collecting reviews ready for the call. During your onboarding call, your specialist will collect all necessary details, including the selected thank you card design, your company name, logo, and URL, to fully customize your card. This process ensures that everything is set up to reflect your brand perfectly in the Cookie Box.
  • Are the cookies in The Cookie Box allergy friendly?
    While we can't guarantee there are no allergens, the cookies in The Cookie Box are vegan, so there are no milk, butter, or eggs. We also do not send any peanut butter cookies to avoid the peanut allergy. However, the factory the cookies are made cannot guarantee that there are not other tree nuts that may come in contact with these cookies.
  • Can I choose how often the cookies are sent out?
    At this time, all completed jobs are sent to us each Friday, and boxes are sent out the following Monday and Tuesday via 2-day guaranteed delivery. We do not offer special shipping requests at this time. If you have particular customers you'd like to send boxes to that were completed before onboarding, we do have an option to email us those customers to be included in the next shipment. Just ask your onboarding specialist about that.
  • What is the cancellation policy of The Cookie Box?
    The Cookie Box subscriptions are billed weekly, and boxes are shipped every Tuesday. To cancel simply log into your account and request cancellation.
  • Are there options for bulk or corporate orders with The Cookie Box?
    There sure are. Shoot us an email at to get a quote on bulk ordering.
  • Some of my customers are Home Builders. Can I exempt them from a Cookie Box?
    Absolutely! During your onboarding call we will get that set up for you so we only send Cookie Boxes to home owners.
  • I don't use a CRM. Can I still use The Cookie Box?
    Of course. We have all sorts of integrations. We'll get you all set up on your onboarding call!
  • How long will the set up take?
    Once signed up your onboarding call will take about 15 minutes. You will need to have your CRM credentials, a logo, and your review link url handy and we'll get you set up in no time!
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